Thymesia is a dark, brooding, and highly atmospheric ARPG that makes a fine addition to the ever-growing souls-like genre. The game’s combat system has been crafted with great attention to detail, expanding on mechanics first implemented in previous souls-like games with additional intricacies, while tweaking existing gameplay staples and creative tropes of the genre to its own benefit.

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We were happy for the opportunity to speak with OverBorder Studios, the developers behind the new plague-infested hit, about what went on behind the scenes of Thymesia. As a small team based out of Taiwan, the level of quality they brought to the table with Thymesia is nothing short of impressive, and certainly raises the bar of what to expect from similar projects. We had the chance to ask them about topics ranging from their delayed release date, to what it’s like publishing a game in multiple languages, as well as some of the inspirations behind their new fantasy epic.

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