It was the summer of 2020 during lockdown when a friend of mine texted me a link to an announcement trailer for this game called Manor Lords. 

What I saw was something that I’d only seen in my dreams. A prophecy that was thought to never be fulfilled. Childhood fantasies, but fully realized. The concept behind this game has been stuck in my mind since the early 00’s. 

Take everything you love from your favorite RTS game and combine it with the complexities of economic management and city building, and then have them sing and dance in harmony together. Manor Lords’ song sounds just as good as its dance looks, and I have so many goosebumps it looks like I used gel to spike my arm hair.

Is Manor Lords Worth The Wait?

First impressions are important, and Slavic Magic, the sole developer of Manor Lords has created something incredibly impressive. You could’ve told me there were 100 devs working on this project and I’d believe you. 

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