It’s been FAR TOO LONG since Manumussion last rocked the White Isle, so the news that the team behind one of Ibiza’s most notorious parties is returning this summer is exactly the sort of post-pandemic tonic we need.

Running from May to October, the second Sunday of every month will see the hosting of a new concept party, AiLIEN, at O Beach Ibiza, just around the bay from San Antonio.

As Claire Manumission put it, AiLIEN was supposed to originally take place in the summer of 2020, before the pandemic took hold.

“Have you ever wondered what extraterrestrials would think of Manumission?,” Claire explained. “Well now you’re going to find out.

“25 light years away superior beings – The AiLIENS – are observing a happening on planet Earth… From their non-judgemental higher state of consciousness they see all souls moving together in harmony on the dance – camera crews capturing the love, freedom and unity. The year they are watching is 1997, the filming of Manumission The Movie. ‘This is the answer!’ they exclaim in extraterrestrial ecstasy, and set about creating a MANUMISSION of their own.

“However things get intemperate, lost in translation whilst travelling through spacetime the letters of MANUMISSION get scrambled into ANIMUSOMNIS.”

The new party will feature Smokin Jo as resident, not to mention ‘Madame Zorb and her riotous sex-bots’, and has been described as an ‘intergalactic costume extravaganza. The sex is surreal, the performance otherworldly, the music outrageous and the space dust rather stimulating’.

What’s more, the team are also planning full hotel takeovers – very much in the spirit of the original Manumission Motel – as well as a series of secret ‘Carry On’ parties. Sign us up!

909originals recently caught up with Mike and Claire Manumission to discuss the Manumission Motel, the subject of a new book, The Motel: High Times in 90s Ibiza, a memoir filled with stories and recollections from those who called it home… or should that be den of iniquity? 🙂

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