Photo: Riccardo Malberti

Marco Shuttle (born Marco Sartorelli) will release his third album, Cobalt Desert Oasis, on Jenny Slattery and Anthony Naples’ Incienso label.

Cobalt Desert Oasis features a varied collection of music that Shuttle has recorded across a two-year period. Often traveling to remote destinations, he would come back to his home in Berlin with field recordings, images, and other inspirations to process in his studio and turn into sound.

We’re told to expect something “more abstract than a travel diary,” where sounds of the environment blend in with modular synthesis, drum machines, effects, and analog oscillators, “resulting in a cinematic listening experience where psychedelia and mysticism weave together in a sort of alien soundscape.” The end result is “reminiscent of a parallel utopian world.”

Unlike Shuttle’s previous albums, including 2017’s Systhema on Donato Dozzy’s Spazio Disponibile, Cobalt Desert Oasis has strong acoustic element. Amongst other percussion instruments, Shuttle uses the Tombak, a traditional Persian hand drum capable of reaching a wide range of frequencies.

For more information on Shuttle, check out his XLR8R Studio Essentials feature here.


01. AfA
02. Danza De Los Voladores
03. Through The Cobalt Desert
04. Il Serpente Cosmico
05. Tombak Healer
06. Acrobat
07. Winds Of Cydonia
08. Polysolation
09. Into Thin Air
10. Bembe Bongo
11. 4Dimensional Soundwaves

Cobalt Desert Oasis LP is scheduled for October 15 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Acrobat” in full below and pre-order here.

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