In today’s musical landscape, many artists are releasing music similar to what has come before or sounds the same as other bands in their genre. 

This can make it hard for listeners to find something fresh and new while hunting for the latest tunes. Luckily, contemporary and flexible artists are emerging and providing answers to this problem. Marky Bergeron, known as MarkyB, is one such artist shaking up the pop, punk, and alternative music genres, which have become increasingly stale with little to no variation in new releases from artists in recent years.

With so much competition out there these days with different artists coming out left and right, MarkyB believes the secret to longevity in the industry is not being talented. While talent plays a crucial role in an artist’s success, Marky thinks that much more is needed for an artist to thrive in this competitive space. 

Instead of trying hard to be the next Beyoncé or Ed Sheeran, Marky believes remaining true to yourself and expressing your individuality will take you further. That’s the principle he applied, and he’s managed to create his unique sound. MarkyB does not try to emulate the work of others but instead creates something that feels new yet familiar.

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