Becoming a successful musician takes a lot of effort and dedication. Matt Cooper has long been ready to chase his dreams and gain fame in the music industry. He is a rising star and singer-songwriter. Matt is an indie artist who has made creating music his priority as he embarks on his music career.

Matt has over 1 million followers on TikTok, and his popularity has resulted in million streams on Apple Music and Spotify. “Ain’t Met Us Yet” has become popular as a wedding song. A teaser for the song was posted on social media before it was released, which received over 22 million views.

Some of the successes that Matt has had are becoming one of the Rising Stars in Nashville. He was also included on the Hot Country Playlist. Additionally, Matt’s “Ain’t Met Us Yet” appeared on the Billboard charts and reached the top 100 singles list. This was a significant turning point for Matt as an independent artist, and he is proud of it.

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