Acclaimed musician, sound designer and creative Max Cooper releases latest single “With Me” from his ‘Motif’ EP, with an epic sci-fi visual trip directed by Michael McAfee and continuing his collaborations with Australian singer/songwriter Kathrin deBoer in an operatic garage experiment.

Together with Kathrin deBoer, they have a remarkable ability to express raw emotion in combining the meditative visceral quality of her voice with a dramatic arc in Max’s impactful production. The result is a strategic blend of each other’s palettes– expressed with operatic intensity as freely and exploratory as one has come to expect from Max’s output.  The spectacular music video for the new single by visual motion designer Michael McAffe is a sonic portrait – surreal, colourful and playfully otherworldly.““With Me” is a little trip around New Zealand with a spacetime bending alien. These aliens of sorts also don’t experience time and space as we do, so as we hang out with them, living from their perspective things start to get a bit weird

“I started chatting video ideas with Michael McAffee and we decided to present the themes visually as us spending time with some otherworldly entities, usually invisible, living alongside us, but now revealed. Michael had a trip planned to New Zealand so his travels formed the basis of the setting with some epic results. It was a fun project to work on – many thanks to Kathrin and Michael for working on it with me.” says Max Cooper

As present on the EP’s first singles “Vertebrae / Forgotten Places” that have become highlights in Max Coopers new Live AV show, “With Me” demonstrates remarkable dancefloor focus in rhythmic composition despite being so characteristically complex and unpredictable in detail. “With Me” follows the EP’s energetic techno offering “Swapped” and exploring a range of typical club structures is an insistent folk infused reminder of the depth of Max Coopers musical palate. Small but potent features paying homage to the traditional garage shuffle while incorporating deeply felt synths.

Speaking about the studio process, Max said:

“Kathrin deBoer has a special talent for hearing a piece of music for a few seconds and then just letting her emotional interpretation flow, which I try to capture in the moment and keep as authentically as possible in the final render. It’s a bit of a strange one, with the harmonies and vocal almost going into folk realms, but it had the feeling so I went with it.”

Released on his own Mesh platform, ‘Motif’ EP is composed by a producer capable of dismantling genres to render them brighter, bolder and ultimately more personal, demonstrating the rich purity of his craft and how his music can be expressed as both a flagrant and elegant listening experience at once. A collection of his influences and a set of motifs from a life in electronic music, ‘Motif’ EP is equipped with purpose and emotional intimacy. Far from a dark moment of introspection but a diverse collection of audio-visual ideas, each playing a particular role in his live shows which traverse all his musical passions combined with being alive at this time; immersed in shared history and experience.
‘Motif’ EP is available to pre-order on black vinyl exclusively via Mesh Bandcamp having sold out of the limited edition splatter vinyl. Stream / Download here

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