‘Solace In Structure’ is the latest visual project from Max Cooper’s ‘Unspoken Words’ LP. Below is the video and what Max had to say about the collaboration with Donato Sansone.

“I find that abstract structures can be a beautiful place to escape to. That’s why I put a lot of binaural elements in my stereo mixes, and pursue Atmos and full spatial mixes whenever I can. I want to create a surreal space that surrounds you as the listener, and takes you away from everyday experience.

‘Solace In Structure’ is the latest visual project from my album, ‘Unspoken Words’ where I was trying to express feelings and ideas outside of language. This chapter uses many layers of sounds, constrained to a precise rhythmic grid. It was designed for escapism amongst dense rigid complexity. It may not be for everyone, but I had a lot of fun making it.

For the visual treatment, I chatted about the idea with Italian artist Donato Sansone, and in collaboration with Marco Holland and Silvia Gariglio, they embarked on a painstaking hand-drawn mapping of geometric structures to the elements of the music. I love how the visual interpretation plays on the rigidity and precision of the musical approach, as well as the humanised notation and thought surrounding the structures. For me, it’s a perfect interpretation of the music in the visual realm.” – Max Cooper

You can buy/stream ‘Unspoken Words’ HERE.

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