Facading Press MAIN (1)

Dance music is a new wave with a relatively low fan base compared to other sounds, such as hip-hop, in Norway. But fascinating is the innovative and authentic talents emanating from the Norwegian dance music pot.

Nikolai Håland, known as Facading, is one of the top talents in Norway, taking over the dance music sphere. He is an innately gifted artist and producer. Facading’s raw talent and ingenuity as an artist has seen him build his brand as one of Norway’s biggest dance music producers.

Though dance music is a pretty small genre in Norway, Facading has established a solid fan base with over 20 million streams on Spotify and over 50 million across other music streaming platforms. The devoted producer also enjoys a solid social media audience with thousands of followers and over 1,700 YouTube subscribers. These numbers are also replicated in his over 320,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

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