Sometimes underground producers, DJs, and artists are just too damn good not to celebrate by throwing them a little sliver of the limelight; despite the often intentionality behind their low profiles.

BRUX is one such DJ who has been demolishing the underground scene in Brooklyn, New York, over the past year or more. And with the release of her latest single, “VINEGAR HILL,” we wanted to direct the limelight on her. 

But like any true legend-of-the-underground in the making, she opted to redirect that light onto her colleagues and instead broke down her favorite female artists who are crushing the underground in Brooklyn right now and explained why she loves and respects them so much.  

Stream Brux’s Single “VINEGAR HILL”

The single in question is a dark, brooding, multi-timbral nightmare; in the best possible way. 

The track is based on a single distorted bassline hook that syncopated against the groove while the dystopian atmospherics and vocals expanded around it. What more could you expect from a track described in the artist’s own words as being…

“…an unbridled force of energy that started to foster in 2020. It marks a time in my creative output where I couldn’t unleash this energy in a physical space with an audience and so came about these lively songs that each have their own story…”

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