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Candy Dupree

I started going to raves in 1992, I’ve been heavily into dance music since I was 14 years old, I was 17 when I went to my first rave. My first ear prick was Sasha in the house scene following old skool hardcore and drum and bass. Sasha and Digweed swiftly led me down the progressive route as I got locked into the journey sound and have been hooked ever since. The first Renaissance album changed the way I understood music which then led onto Northern exposure and Sasha’s San Francisco, they totally blew my mind. In 2019 I was told I needed to put my passion for music into a different league and start taking up DJing, I’ve dipped in and out of having a go for years but being in Lockdown has really helped me focus on mixing. Shortly after I started, I became a Resident for several Radio shows, including Progressive house UK. I do try to think out of the box and create my own style, I like to dig deep and pick out stuff that is not on the frontline. Hope you like it!