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Craig Oldroyd

As with many it all started with a mix cd, the first Renaissance mix collection. After hearing this I just wanted to listen and discover more, this led to regular nights out at northern Institutions of Cream and Hard Times. This cd and these club nights were a huge influence and gave me the appetite for different forms of House. From there in the late 90’s, me and a friend began obsessively practicing with a single bag of records and some 1210’s. After a while we had a lot more records and our own residencies in our home town, this allowed me to really get used to playing longer sets and moving up and down gears depending on the crowd and switching through genres. I enjoyed this for many years then decided to move to Australia being fortunate enough to play a few parties in Sydney Harbour. My Influences are Sasha, Digweed, Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, Herman Cattaneo Danny Tenaglia, Graeme Park, CJ Mackintosh, Ian Ossia, Dave Seaman, Todd Terje,Tale Of Us etc, My mixes can be pretty varied across genres but I’m always leaning toward the melodic, I also always disregard the year a track was released, if it’s quality and it fits  I just play it which leads to some good variety.