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Deacon Cross

While many DJ names are a gimmick, randomly chosen, or picked because it represents the genre the artist plays, Deacon is actually a deacon, and yes, he wears a cross, no pun intended.


A few years ago, well 1998 to be exact, Deacon meets two members of ’The Island Connection’ and this is when his music related  journey begins. God didn’t come into the picture till much later, pun intended.


With the help of Paul Roos and William Horstman (The Island Connection) Deacon quickly progressed from being a ’student’ to someone who possessed all the knowledge and skills that one needs to play a decent live set. Ok, his steady hands, absolute pitch, and talent was also a blessing. Pun no pun? Anyways, I also should mention that Deacon is a vinyl DJ. Getting sidetracked, so back to the bio!


His first gig was in a local bar, but news travelled fast and it didn’t take long before he landed his first residency in the award-winning club; Hollywood Music Hall, the largest club of Rotterdam.  

And when I write large, I mean large! HMH had 7 different areas, and 7 different themes. Deacon played in the area called the ‘Basement’  which was purely dedicated to progressive house and techno, hardstyle, and hardcore. 


Many other clubs and gigs followed such as the well known Now&Wow, and La Rocca, but the Hollywood Music Hall was his home away from home. Deacon his residency lasted 7 years. 


In the daytime Deacon spend his time in the record store, like many DJ’s of course, but Deacon actually also worked there, so basically a DJ’s dream job, well apart from also DJ-ing which is the actual job description if you are a DJ.  


Surrounded almost 24/7 with all the music the world had to offer, Deacon developed a new passion, producing. I’ll come back to that.


But as with everything in life there is always room for something new; Enter the era of CD’s. Enter also the era where Deacon his favourite genre; progressive house and techno was becoming a niche.  


Deacon decided to give new meaning to his life. Whereas music is also known to connect people, and even heal, Deacon decided to go back to school to study theology. Deacon became a deacon.

Helping people in a different way on a higher level with the help of an extra hand from above.

In 2018 Deacon was ordained and served in a parish. He actually still does till this day.

His message of hope, faith and love has touched many, but he soon realised that same message was also his back in the day when he was still a DJ.A message, a spiritual intervention made him see that he didn’t have to give up one thing in order to practise the other.


In 2020 Deacon, the deacon re-entered the music-scene and started DJ-ing again. He also started producing again and has releases on Soundteller, Future Avenue and Superordinate, just to name few as more productions are coming up. 


On Friday night Deacon also has his own livestream on Twitch; Deacon Cross Music where he shows his immaculate skills as a melodic, progressive house DJ, his gifted talent from God.