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Coming to Subcode Radio is DJ Dreamader, an artist that is steeped in the traditions of flawless Deep House, Deep Tech and Deep Melodic Techno.

Born in Poland, he spent his childhood experiencing the wide opened spaces the country offered him and surrounded by the musical backdrop of the world he lived in. Consisting of everything from Punk Rock, Rock n Roll, to Psychedelic Trance and 80s and 90s pop music, his hybrid of musical influences followed him as he moved to Antwerp Belgium.

Thus began his journey into the world of the British Underground scene. Discovering acts like Danny Rampling, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Derrick Carter, Danny Tenaglia and Danny Howells, led him down the rabbit hole of sonic expansion. He began collecting records, finding and experimenting with different sounds based on their harmonic dependencies. Not content with the way music was usually represented, he spent years researching and dissecting music, archiving, labelling and ultimately reconstructing the sounds he loves so much.

Fast forward to 2021 and he’s truly sharing his vision with the world. The textural tapestry that underpins his music is more important to him than the commercial aspect that drives many selectors today. This is Dreamader’s passion and his sets tell that rich story of a man who truly understands his art.

He has now been broadcasting his unique brand for over two years. A disciple of artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells and Nick Warren, he has been travelling the European scene in an effort to experience and gather the music that fits into his world. Never one to stand still, he is constantly searching for those pieces of musical brilliance that ‘squeak in the grass’.

The result is a brilliantly-orchestrated, musically dynamic capability that raises the audiences’ expectations to an entirely new level. He emphasises the emotional content on each track he plays from a palette filled with the celebrated colours of House Music.

“To me, music has an enormous power. It is a constant journey of discovery. I am always working on my style. To be as deep as possible and building an atmosphere which truly touches the soul.”

Enter the world of Dreamader and discover a true master behind the decks. Open your mind and live his dream…