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Guille Jones

Guille Jones, born in Buenos Aires Argentina, already awoke his passion for music from that context as a child. When different sounds started to emerge in the 80s / 90s like Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode etc. he realized that was the way forward for him.

Each and every one of the backgrounds of electronic music have served as inspiration for Guille and find his genre today such as Deep Organic and Progressive House. Electronic music, a relatively young musical style that still has a lot to surprise, as in more recent years he has continued to do with new sounds.

In his career as a deejay, Guille Jones musicalized various moments in different social events, nightclubs, always marking his delicate style in the production of sets and sounds.

At present his professional references are Hernán Cattaneo and Nick Warren among others and he is closely linked to social networks with his set’s and globally sharing his art through music to the world.