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Leigh Length

Leigh started honing his DJ skills in the 1980s under the influences of Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Andrew Weatherall to name but a few. He played at various underground clubs, which frequently got raided by police. It was against this backdrop that he decided to take his chances in Asia.


Leigh Started his DJ career in Thailand under the name of XTC when at the age of 21 he arrived on the island with nothing more than a box of records and £300.00, from which he had managed to save.


Quickly he established a sound eagerly awaited by the backpackers and locals.  As a two year resident DJ, he played under the umbrella “Advanced Dance” at the famous Reggae Pub, Green Mango and MixPub. It was during this time that he ran into Pablo Dollar who was looking for a DJ to run start-up venues in Tokyo. Over the next year, he played at Yellow, Gold, XY Relax, Cronos-Twilight Zone as well as others including Space in Osaka.


Leaving Japan, Leigh returned to the UK playing Electronica alongside Mr C at Heart and Soul until family and domestic responsibilities became a priority for the next decade.


Recently, Leigh has returned to his passion playing progressive house bringing to the fore his unique style of mixing.