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Nathan Jones

Originally from South Wales, Nathan’s journey into clubland began in 1994 while at university in Nottingham. From dancing at nightclubs and all-nighters; to flyering for Allister Whitehead’s Zero G night – to buying the first set of decks in 1997, Nathan has since travelled, DJed and lived in various backdrops across the world.

After many stints and residencies at clubs and bars in mainly Cardiff and London from the late 90s to the mid-2000s, with also many gigs across England, Wales, Australia and the USA; Nathan took a hiatus from DJing and embarked on a teaching career. But as the old adage goes, “if you love something, set it free” – so after years away from the scene, the wanderer returned with passion for what had been missing. In his time in Australia, Nathan also wrote for, with the notable series focusing upon Progressive House having been widely praised.

While living in Melbourne, he restarted his DJ career with the launch of Black Sheep Radio and soon enough, a DJing residency in the city’s St Kilda area. His own show, the eclectic Stylus; playing various genres of electronic music ended with the folding of that radio station, but as Nathan is now based back in London the relaunch of Stylus on AATM Radio has kick-started his return to home shores, where he is relishing his return to clubs and entertaining dancefloors.