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Zy Khan

He writes from the points of view of his own life experiences and moods , bringing a fresh new perspective and exciting sound design to his music. With many years under his belt producing tracks for alias THEELEMENT , Z.A.K and more he now takes the step of producing and releasing under his own name Zy khan on his own digital imprint called Dirty Korner Recordings . With many a release within the ElectroHouse genres as THEELEMENT winning several remix competitions for DIMMAK , SPINNIN , CR2 he also has had a string of charted releases hitting the Top 100 at Beatport . Zy Khan will now be concentrating on releasing quality House & Techno already stacking up major support on his first releases of 2021 from artists and DJ’s like Darin Epsilon , Intergreal Bread , Main Leaf , Pedro Mercado , Madd Rod , Cream , Wally Lopez , LORRAINNE , Eran Hersh , Sirup Music ,Katy Rutkovski ,Eleven Of July, Dj Akira and more