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Resident DJs / Page 3

Trevor O aka Molotov

So like a lot of DJs I started my journey on the dancefloor, throwing shapes to the sounds of PVD, SASHA , BT and other pioneers of dance music. Around 1996 1997  I decided I’d buy my first set of turntables ” Sound lab dlp r32s” and started hitting HMV and other record shops like […]

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Morimichi Uchimoto

Morimichi Uchimoto- Japan Morimichi started his DJ playing underground events in the early 90’s at small bar and club in Osaka, Japan. In the early days, he played soul, jazz, funk, disco, house music, before finding his love for Progressive House. He continues to deliver amazing sets of Progressive & Melodic sounds. His passion for […]

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‘Originally from and currently residing near Philadelphia, PA, USA. C-Lyn has been DJing for over 15 years, having her passion ignited for progressive music when she attended her first warehouse rave when only in her teens. Her love for the music really took off and hooked her after seeing the legendary duo Sasha and Digweed […]

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