Metal: Hellsinger is rad. This mashup of DOOM and rhythm game makes for engaging, tense, frenetic combat set to a roaring original soundtrack. Even though it doesn’t manage to stick around long enough, it should not be missed by shooter or metal fans alike.

You take on the role of The Unknown as you battle your way through 8 levels of Hell to confront the Red Judge, Ruler of Hell, and take back your voice. Along the way, you find your trusty skull companion and grisly voiced narrator of this tale, Paz. Paz is your guide to the underworld and a secondary weapon that can build your combo multiplier even outside combat.

Combat in Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythmic ballet of bullets, sword slashes, and double jumps. Bordering your crosshair is a sort of beat marker. Think of it as the hollow arrows at the top of your screen from DDR. Beats constantly move in from the sides of the screen and pass through the beat markers. If you perform actions like shooting, dodging, and reloading on beat you earn Fury. 

Fury is your combat multiplier from 1-16x, and keeping it high is instrumental in Metal: Hellsinger. At 16x, you deal the most damage, gain the highest score for your actions, and, best of all, the full arrangement of each of the 15 original songs kicks in.

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