Kemistry & Storm and Goldie’s famed drum n bass record label Metalheadz has announced one of its biggest additions in years. It has launched a new record label, HeadzState that will have “techno, house and everything in between.”

According to a statement by Metalheadz, the new label, “takes influences from those before us, the likes of Reinforced and the early productions of Doc Scott, Nookie and 4Hero, as well as the preeminent merging of key components from the powerful scenes in both Detroit and Berlin.”

The main label and its offshoots will continue to be about drum n bass, but “HeadzState is a place where we’ll celebrate a ‘golden age’ of music, pushing artists to go even further outside the box.”

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Kemistry & Storm and Goldie founded Metalheadz in 1994 and over its 100 releases, has become a driving force for drum n bass.

The first release is still TBA, but they say it is due “imminently.”

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