Metronomy have released a ‘reimagined’ version of their seventh studio album, Small World, which sees a number of artists such as Sébastien Tellier, Bolis Pupul and Panic Shack offer up their own versions of the tracks thereon.

Each of the artists featured was selected by Metronomy to contribute to Small World (Special Edition), and the net result is a journey through a myriad of genres, from avant-garde electronica to cosmic disco to laidback folk and more.

Other artists featured include Porij, PPJ, Nadeem Din Gibisi & Tony Njoku, Katy J Pearson, Jessica Winter and Haich Ber Na.

The album has been preceded by a video, directed by Diane Sagnier, for J’en ai assez vu, Sébastien Tellier’s version of Small World’s closer I Have Seen Enough.

As Metronomy founder Joe Mount explains, “I once did a remix of the Sébastien Tellier song, La Ritournelle. It was impossible to improve it or to turn it into anything I liked better than his wonderful original. Still, the arrogance of adulthood made me push on. I met Sébastien for the first time about fifteen years later—only last year in fact in Paris.

“I don’t know which comparison he’d hate most, but I’d imagine it’s that he might be this generation’s Serge Gainsbourg. In this version of the song, I’m aiming to be this generation’s Claude François.”

The album follows on from a mammoth 47-date tour that Metronomy embarked on across the UK and Europe, including festivals such as Green Man, Bluedot and Glastonbury.

Metronomy – Small World (Special Edition) is released on 29 November on Because Music – check it out here. Main photo by Hazel Gaskin.


1 – Metronomy x Porij – Life and Death
2 – Metronomy x PPJ – Things will be fine
3 – Metronomy x Panic Shack – It’s good to be back
4 – Metronomy x Nadeem Din Gibisi & Tony Njoku – Loneliness on the run
5 – Metronomy x Katy J Pearson – Love Factory
6 – Metronomy x Jessica Winter – I lost my mind
7 – Metronomy x Haich Ber Na – Right on time
8 – Metronomy x Bolis Pupul – Hold me tonight
9 – Metronomy x Sébastien Tellier – I have seen enough

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