Minneapolis bass label Renraku will present the tenth volume in the Communication Themes series, featuring five previously unreleased and unheard works from Vhsceral, N², Catawake, Boingo Hotspot, and Nu Partial.

Initiated in 2016, the Communication Themes series started “out of necessity,” we’re told. During the label’s formative months, initial discussions were focused on individual artist releases, then the team had the idea of putting out a four-track compilation to “provide a snapshot of what everyone was working on, to pique interest in the artists involved with the label, and to showcase contemporary sounds and ideas the label roster has been exploring,” label founder Kaya Bowman tells XLR8R. Over time this has evolved to showcase both the visual language of the label through its artwork and to provide “a glimpse at the cutting edge of electronic music.” Initially each release was meant to be four tracks, “the time is right to slowly expand the Communication Themes series by adding more artists,” Bowman continues.

Like its predecessors, Communication Themes Volume 10 is “abundant in style and form, percolating with intensity as new electronic forms emerge through the fusion of experimental bass, glitch, IDM, left-field, and so much more,” we’re told.

Alongside today’s announcement, the label has shared N²’s “OBLIVION ARCHIVE,” which started as a foray into some more esoteric physical modelling techniques and “grew to encompass some of the more familiar sounds associated with post-trance and early 2010s neurofunk,” we’re told.


01. Vhsceral “Superbounce”
03. Catawake “Room999”
04. Boingo Hotspot “Room You Die In”
05. Nu Partial “Major Ki”

Communication Themes Volume 10 is scheduled for July 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream N²’s “OBLIVION ARCHIVE” in full below and pre-order here.

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