Ben Bohmer Live In Denver

We tested the Minuendo Lossless Earplugs at a recent Ben Böhmer show in Denver.

There is a substantial risk to your hearing if you decide not to wear hearing protection. We all know someone that has unfortunately lost some hearing at a young age or suffers from tinnitus, a terrible condition that results in a constant ringing in the ears due to exposure to too much loud music or noise. Usually, there is a direct correlation to exposure to high decibels over a sustained period, from musicians to DJs to music fans.

Many musicians and music lovers just don’t like the sound of the music when they are wearing traditional earplugs. This is understandable as the frequencies can often get muddled, and you just hear a muted and muddy version of the audio. As a fan or professional, that’s not a great experience, hence why so many people do without and take the risk. 

For many musicians, there is the option of getting professionally done musician’s plugs which require a mold to be taken of the ear and can be pretty costly for your average music fan. 

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