Recently released on Amsterdam’s Radio Radio, RRFM.NL, this duo hailing from Rotterdam are working with second hand Detroit DNA and they’re coming at you right up front!

‘Cadmium is a chemical element used in various applications varying from batteries to electroplating. It is also highly poisonous. This is a methapohor for the discrepancy between one’s capabilities and the world’s view.’ Black Cadmium: Joginda Macnack and Mike Richards are 2 Dutch DJ / Producers/ Radio hosts from Surinamese descent, who focus on a wide variety of authentic music.

Heavily influenced by the London – Detroit connection. From Hi-Tek to grimy UK sounds. As vinyl is their preferred weapon of choice, crate digging is a must. On their musical journey they have found more than music that will enchant, they have found themselves. These 2 creative minds will guide you through their interpretation of sound. Everything goes, no filters.

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