This week we head to Australia with iconic House Music duo, Flight Facilities with their much awaited follow-up to their legendary mix series for Triple J Radio.

Their series has been lauded by fans and industry alike for their unique retrospective series, which you can find previous shows below. A pure hedonistic journey through the ages of music and events around the world.

It was a decade best summed up by podcasts, cancel culture, fake news and memeing our way through tragedy and triumph. But was 2012-2022 any crazier than eras past, or was it that the prevalence of social media put major international events on our digital doorsteps? A Hollywood star becoming the leader of the free world? Bizarre… but it wasn’t the first time.

Obscure global events just felt more tangible than ever, and we were all finally able to have our say. Communication with pop stars and major companies was instantaneous, and stardom was diluted by the ability for strangers to become a viral sensation overnight.

With the advance of accessible technology came the explosion of bedroom producers like Flume, who would dictate the direction and popularity of an entire genre. At a glance, many could argue it was the death of originality in pop culture, with covers, remixes, sequels, prequels and remakes dominating the mainstream. The recent emergence of AI will either give those creative minds the resources to forge a new path into 2032, or accelerate us into repetition.

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