Max Cooper welcomes Jinjé to compile a mix for his Mesh Series, and this mix does not hold back. Jinjé (Lee Malcom) throws down some dance-floor calefaction on this edition 18 of the Mesh Mix Series. It covers sonic sketches across the electronic spectrum to IDM, garage, glitchy acid stompers to 4/4 abrasive bass rollers.

It’s a much-welcomed contribution to the series, after Mesh released Jinjé’s debut 4 track earlier this year, entitled “Open Unity” which was a reference to Malcolms’ love of rave culture and the community aspect it provides – which this mix further seemingly provides homage too.

Words about the artwork – Artwork by Pointless Illustration James (James Lacy) which features a fitting visual to the inner workings of Jinjé’s mind.

01. Cala – Piezo
02. UK74R1721071 – Aleksi Perälä
03. Where Your Body Begins – Hugo Massien
04. Thundare – Graze
05. Perception – Phara
06. Drift – Unperson
07. Bad Space Habits – Seb Wildblood
08. Alien Shapes – Hugo Massien
09. Abra Cadabra – Soundbwoy Killah
10. Move To The Beat – Bernard Badie
11. 60006A – Wax
12. Shame – Art Department
13. Repeople – Alec Troniq
14. Go To Sleep – Pleaxure

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