In the light of his album, ‘Articulation’ for Erased Tapes, Rival Consoles shared a selection of tracks for Bleep that complimented that very album.

Opening with the seemingly weightless yet driving pulse of Ostgut Ton’s Barker, the mix moves deftly through further immersive cuts from Four Tet, Stimming & Marcus, and the blissful breaks of Skee Mask. The mix also sees Rival Consoles weave in the fluid contemporary orchestrations of Actress x LCO, the amniotic drone of Alessandro Cortini, and the complex ethereal delights of Max Cooper.

Some serious heads down vibes and after-hours euphoric drama all in equal measure. A mix to kick back to and appreciate in its full and true glory.

01. Barker – Hedonic Treadmill
02. Lorn – Timesink
03. Four Tet – Love Salad
04. Niel Cowley/Ben Lucas Boysen – Solitary Refinement
05. Stimming & Marcus Worgull – Cwejman’s Tale
06. Hainbach – The Needs of Now
07. Skee Mask – 50 Euro to Break Boost
08. Paper Bark – Lay Still
09. Actress w/LCO – Chasing Numbers
10. Alessandro Cortini – Voltaggio Solitario
11. Max Cooper – Transcendental Tree Map
12. Caterina Barbieri – Frantas

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