This week’s mix of the week is from Wardown and is a mix that was compiled for the superb A Strangely Isolated Place mix series.

Peter Rogers’ Wardown project debuted on the highly respected Blu Mar Ten label and the self-titled album found admirers from a cross-section of music styles; spanning Jungle, Drum & Bass and a solid atmospheric element.

Peter has recently released his second Wardown album, ‘Wardown II’ which, as you may expect, is a journey through some incredibly produced and considered tracks. You can buy/stream Wardown’s latest album HERE.

As with many producers in this genre, DJ’ing is integral to the culture, so it’s no surprise that you are treated to a little bit of a masterclass with this latest instalment from Wardown.

01. Soft Robot ‘Point Nemo’
02. Kerguelen ‘Proxemics’
03. Sycamore Investments ‘Cherry Bomb’
04. Wardown ‘Stimulus Progression Pattern’
05. LTJ Bukem ‘Rainfall’
06. Offthesky ‘Insofar, In So Far’
07. Freedive ‘Watering A Flower On The Moon’
08. Photek ‘Complex’
09. Ki One ‘Life At The End Of The World’
10. Micronation ’Photographs of Clouds’
11. Wardown ‘The Ideal City’
12. Advanced Sound & Vision ‘The Engineered Yes’
13. Wardown ‘Lifespan’
14. Fisher Associates ‘Scorched Earth’
15. Wardown ‘Graphite and Glitter’
16. The Architex ‘Altitude’
17. Creative Innovations Inc. ‘Stone Tape Theory’
18. r beny ‘Eistla’
19. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma ‘Song Of Forgiveness Pt. 1’

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