House producer MK has unveiled a new retro-style video game to coincide with the launch of a series of remixes of recent single Chemical.

As previously reported on 909originals, the video for Chemical features the travails of an anthropomorphic canine, named ‘D the Dog’ and the same character features in the video game, Chemical Chase, navigating a complex cityscape. And having had several goes at it, we can confirm… it’s challenging.

You can play it here.

“I’ve always been into video games. I owned every game system from Atari 2600, ColeCovision, Intellivision to every Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation system, with a few arcade machines in between”, MK said. “I wanted to create something fun for my fans whilst we all wait for shows to come back.”

LP Giobbi’s rework of Chemical lands on July 16th, MK’s fresh take is released on on the 23rd July, and finally Nic Fanciulli’s remix is due on on July 30th. The new remixes can be heard in the web-based game, as and when they are released. You can check out the original video below.

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