In 2021, Moby released his debut Deutsche Grammophon album Reprise. This personal collection of acoustic and orchestral arrangements from his 30‑year career went on to enjoy global chart success and widespread critical acclaim. Exploring the terrain where electronic and acoustic sounds meet, Moby and other leading artists have now reimagined some of these tracks for Reprise – RemixesReprise – Remixes will be issued by Deutsche Grammophon on May 20th 2022, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the release of Moby’s eponymous debut album.

The track list of Reprise – Remixes features an eclectic array of contributors, from BambounouBiscitsMax CooperEfdeminAnfisa LetyagoMathamePlanningtorock and Topic to Felsmann + Tiley, Peter Gregson and Christian Löffler. It also includes four majestic remixes from Moby himself.

The album starts with Tallinn-based English electronic musician Planningtorock’s take on the Reprise cover of David Bowie’s Heroes. The sheer range of musical responses to Moby’s work can be heard in the very different versions of Porcelain created by German producer, visual artist and musician Christian Löffler, Paris-based techno/house producer Bambounou, and German DJ, producer and musician Efdemin, who supplies both a remix and a dub remix.

Other highlights of Reprise – Remixes include a haunting reinterpretation of Extreme Ways from synth-composer duo Felsmann + Tiley; producer, composer and cellist Peter Gregson’s reimagining of the same featuring solo cello; and Topic’s upbeat take on Natural BluesMoby too has reworked Natural Blues, as well as creating equally stunning remixes of The Great EscapeWe Are All Made of Stars and the iconic Go.

It was with Go that Moby’s name hit the mainstream in 1991 – remixed to include a sample of Angelo Badalamenti’s Laura Palmer’s Theme from cult TV series Twin Peaks, the single went to No.10 in the UK and became a rave classic. His music has since attracted a massive global following through albums such as Play (1999), 18 (2002) and Hotel (2005) and generated worldwide sales of more than 20 million albums. A staunch vegan and advocate for animal rights and humanitarian aid, Moby is also the author of four books, including a collection of his photography, and co-writer of the acclaimed 2021 documentary Moby Doc.

Reprise – Remixes will be released May 20th 2022, preorder here

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