Detroit legend Moodymann makes a guest appearance in the latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online, Los Santos Tuners, in which he also unveils exclusive new music.

Having previously featured as a resident DJ in GTA Online’s night club, The Music Locker, Moodymann, aka Kenny Dixon Jr, appears in the Los Santos update as ‘Kenny’, a character involved the underground racing scene.

As the official press release puts it, ‘Moodymann’s Kenny character bridges Moody’s real-life love of cars with his in-game character, who plays a pivotal role in the automotive subculture storyline of Los Santos Tuners as Kenny and his partner-in-crime, Sessanta, are looking for the city’s best drivers to assist with a string of epic robberies and car boosts across the city.’

New music is featured via the in-game ‘Kenny’s Backyard Boogie Mix‘, which along with house, soul, and hip-hop cuts, features exclusive Moodymann tracks, including collaborations with Channel Tres, Nez featuring Gangsta Boo, and Jessie Johnson, guitarist from Prince’s band, The Time.

The Lyk U Use 2 artist’s Kenny character also wears a Born x Raised jacket, following an exclusive tie-up between the streetwear brand and Grand Theft Auto makers Rockstar Games.

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