Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, has announced the release of a new EP alongside longtime friend and collaborator Duncan Forbes, entitled Time To Dip.

The pair first worked together on Forbes’ Animated project back in the early 2000s, and have since collaborated on labels such as Phoenix G and 49North, including the All Under One Moon album, released earlier this year.

Their latest collaboration, on Enzo Siragusa’s FUSE label, features four tracks, Time to Dip, Time To Dip (Duncan’s Sherbert Dip), All Night and All Night (Duncan’s In The Zone Remix).

Commenting on the release, Mr. G, who was formerly part of The Advent, among his other projects, said that the release was influenced by his set at FUSE’s show at London’s Printworks in March.

“Gotta say, this EP really is born outta standing on the stage before my set at FUSE at Printworks and listening to what was being played,” he explains.

“When I got back I said to D that I wanted do something based around what I had heard, never really thinking Enzo or FUSE would get it, but how wrong we were. It’s another fab meeting of minds with D, which makes this joint EP so different yet special. I feel it covers many different bases and tempos, a real gem. Looking forward to see what folk make of it.”

Mr. G & Duncan Forbes ‘Time To Dip’ EP is out now via FUSE and can be downloaded/streamed here.

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