It wasn’t that long ago that I dreamt of photographing a massive music festival like Lollapalooza. After taking the dive into the photography world, I realized there is something special to photographing a performance as an artist seemingly enters another world when they deliver their raw melodic sounds to the ears of thousands of adoring fans. 

That feeling can only be described as cathartic – a feeling I can’t help but chase time and time again. There’s no shortage of amazing festival photographers, but one that comes to mind as one of the best to do to ever do it is none other than Rukes

And as I dove further and further into the world of music festival photography, I learned a ton of stuff. I learned how to set up amazing compositions while on site, I learned which cameras are best for capturing music festival environments, and I learned why music festival photography needs different post processing than conventional photography.

And lucky for you, I’m about to break down every single thing that I learned. So bust out your notepad and get ready to learn everything you’ve ever wondered about festival photography and landing paid photography in the music industry.  

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