Music producers are ditching expensive monitors, instead investing in headphones when producing music

This is because the best headphones can oftentimes bring so much more to the table than monitors can. The sound of the best headphones aren’t colored by the shape and treatment of the room you’re producing in. The best headphones don’t rely on one single listening position for optimal results…

But you should not treat all headphones the same. So let’s dive into our short list of the best headphones you, or the music producer in your life, needs to check out. 

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TL;DR – Best Headphones for Music Production 

If you’re looking for the best all around headphones for your productions, then the Focal Listen Studio Headphones are the best option.

If you want a reliable, mid-tier pair of production headphones, then Beyer DT 700 Pro X should be your go to headphones.

Finally, the Sony MDR-7506 is our favorite entry-level headphones for newer producers. 

Now let’s dive into the full list of the best headphones for music production…

Headphones for Music Production At A Glance


The Good: These headphones are durable and built to last. The inline remote and microphone are awesome quality of life and functionality additions. 

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