Whether you like it or not, your bedroom (and, by proxy, your studio) says a lot about you.

A minimal, monochrome studio devoid of anything but the essentials might suggest that you’re a focused and precise producer, and an eclectic studio desk with bold colors and more, all within arm’s reach, might say you’re an impulsive creative and idea generator.

Why You Absolutely Need An Aesthetically-Pleasing Bedroom Studio

Most music studios also double as bedrooms or living spaces, so you should also mind how others, like a member of the opposite sex or even your parents, may perceive your creative space if you ever plan on entertaining guests. 

Check Out Deadmau5’s Home Studio Here For Inspiration <<<

Listen, I’ve been producing long enough to know while you’re on a date or at Thanksgiving, that sharing that you’ve finally decided to become a “Music Producer” is far from a mic drop moment. On the contrary, it usually invites more hesitation and awkward questions about your life than it answers.

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