music studio essentials

There is more to a music studio than DAWs, synths, and equipment. A music studio must foster a sense of creativity and comfort, which means having a few extra amenities laying around is essential if you want to create the best music possible in the space.

So when we had a chance to interview Vicetone ahead of the release of their latest single, we jumped at the chance to figure out what studio extras they have in their studio that they deem essential to making music at the highest possible level.

But before we dive into their studio essentials, let’s take listen to their latest work of art.

Stream Vicetone’s Latest Single Below

Vicetone - My Heart’s on Fire (feat. Qvckslvr) (Art)

Vicetone’s sound is a mix of subtle melodic elements delivered with a heart-whooping blast of energy. Their latest single, ‘My Heart’s On Fire,’ is a continuation of this legacy.

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