A selection of our favorite music submitted by XLR8R+ members last month.

We’re back for the latest edition of our submissions roundup series, this time looking back at March. As per, we welcomed back several familiar names—MSTRBLSTR, Tima Fei, and Stature included—but we also said hello to a host of others. The sooting cosmic jazz of Brisbane-born producer Jordan Hankins, better known as Interface Palm, struck us hard, as did the delicate piano work of Uppeach, born Enrico De Lucia, from Italy. If you like that you’ll also enjoy Peter Vogelaar’s gorgeous “The Last Embers Of Us,” but if you want something more potent head for “Endz,” a dancefloor jam that blends vocal samples and gun-finger energy, by Cartin. If that resonates, we’d also suggest “Cavern,” a future-garage tune from CVL. Thanks for your support and submissions. We’ll have more for you next month!

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Cartin “Endz”

Fresh off the back of a debut Boiler Room performance at AVA Festival, plus releases on Extended Play and Rudimentary Records, Derry’s own Cartin has unveiled a two-track EP spanning electro-breaks, and glitch-driven techno on Plain Sailing. “Endz”, the second track, is an in-your-face bass-heavy banger that blends vocal samples and gun-finger energy into a mutation of electro, breakbeat, grime, and punk. Across its five-minute run-time, it underlines Cartin’s ability to seamlessly blend genres while remaining distinctive. Check out the EP opener, “U Got My Number?’ a bass-driven cut of percussive techno designed for peak-time play, here.


Interface Palm “Readymade

Interface Palm is the alias of Brisbane-born producer Jordan Hankins. Taking influence from his collection of cosmic jazz, left-field boogie, and dusty house, his productions skirt the line between jazz, house, and broken beat. After relocating to Melbourne a few years ago, he signed with local label +Romantics and now, on Broken District, he’s set to release his first mini-album. “Readymade,” the record’s standout moment, kicks off slowly with a moody piano, before Hankins adds a catchy bassline and blends it with uplifting keys. The full release is out on May 13.


Stature “Qena”

Stature is the alias of Connor Harrison, a producer based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Having studied music production since a young age, he now makes energetic beats with a focus on dance. We’ve featured several of his funky jams in our roundups before, and now he’s back with “Qena,” another outing in synthy garage. We’re stoked to hear more.

Uppeach “Itaca

Uppeach, born Enrico De Lucia is a sound designer from Italy whose work has appeared on Disney, Sky, and Netflix. Since 2010, he has been making hip-hop instrumentals but more recently he’s released “Itaca,” a delicate piano jam with sumptuous vocal work.



Originating as an improvisational acid house and techno artist during the 1990s, MSTRBLSTR learned to move crowds at illegal rave parties held in shady warehouses, and at full-moon parties in the Arizona desert. He’s now based in Queens, where he has a studio of hand-built gear that he uses to produce music to “work its way deep into your mind and make your body move,” he tells XLR8R. “DNA,” the latest release on his own Ill Acid Records, is a hypnotic, driving techno workout. One of his earlier tracks, a collaboration with Toy Opulent label boss Worldline, featured in our January roundup.


Gabo Rio “High Feels

Gabo Rio, real name Gabriel Saborio—born in Nicaragua, based in Miami has launched Impresión, his own label for house, minimal, techno, and breaks of all flavours. In March, he curated and released IMP005 V/A, a various artist compilation featuring originals from Discosexo and Nightdrive, among others. That standout, though, was “High Feels,” the release’s opener, supplied by himself. A fun and groovy minimal jam.


CSV “Cavern

Following on from the energetic Bubblegun, CSV (a.k.a Chris Speed Visuals), an audio-visual artist and DJ working at the intersection of new technology, takes the tempo down a notch with this deeper future-garage tune. “Cavern,” available now, aims to evoke the feeling of falling into an alien landscape before returning home to the light.


Demetae “Resign”

Demetae is the alias of Powerful Recordings boss Robert Woodward, launched in 2014 to explore the extremities of cerebral techno. In his sets and releases, you’ll also hear elements of jungle and breakbeat, which come together to form a heady concoction of mind-melting sonic hedonism. In March, he released HANGRY, a collection of five tracks of dancefloor wizardry. “RESIGN,” the EP’s closer, is a track of intriguing, mangled sampling and minimal acid licks


Kixeagle “Nasty”

Kixeagle is the alias of Karim Ahmed Helmy, an Egyptian artist who first released in 2020. In March, he released “Nasty,” a powerful bass track with flavours of his love for EDM and trance. It follows singles like “The Level” “Red City,” while more recently he’s released “Incoming.”


Peter Vogelaar “The Last Embers Of Us

“The Last Embers Of Us” is the first new music that Irish producer Peter Vogelaar has shared since his Inner Creatures album in 2020. As with the album, it’s a delicate and arresting piece of work that’s both immersive and adventurous. Conceptually, the track is about the melancholy and resolve required to move from one chapter to the next, and looking at a bigger picture.



In January, Tima Fei, a DJ-producer based in Chicago, compiled a drum & bass set that we featured in our roundup. More recently, thought, he’s compiled a mix of uplifting vocal-laden house that’s perfect for that sun-soaked dancefloor this summer.

Christopher Ledger “#136 | Christopher Ledger (IT) | Recorder.13

Through his slick studio work, enigmatic Berlin-via-Rome producer Christopher Ledger is an artist who continues to demonstrate complete dedication to his craft. You’ll hear his work sprinkled on Brouqade Records, Meander, and Amphia, but also his own CL Series. For this roundup, however, we’re featuring one of his DJs sets, recorded for Recorder.13 in Ukraine. As you’d expect, it’s stacked with unknown jams and lesser-known classics across deep house and haunting, percussive techno. Tune in for a master at work.

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