Recently, artist Casper Cole made his return to Fur Coat‘s Oddity label with a three-track EP titled Matter of Time, which includes a remix from Fur Coat. The emotion-fuelled title track ‘Matter Of Time’ has all the attributes to storm the melodic techno charts. Featuring a stunning vocal from Ed Begley and a brilliant arrangement from Casper, who allows Ed’s voice to shine while embellishing and layering analog elements to complement his tones – heightening the sense of drama and tugging at the heartstrings. Expect this to feature heavily in key DJ playlists.

Words and photos by Casper Cole

Casper Cole

Casper Cole

Prophet 10

My go-to analog synth for brassy leads as well as pads. This is the 10-voice version of the Prophet 5 reissue from a couple of years ago. While its features are pretty limited by modern synth standards, what you’re using it for is the incredible depth and richness of the filters and oscillators. A huge-sounding machine.

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