Renato Ratier has been a pivotal figure in Brazil‘s electronic music scene. In the 2000s, he opened D-Edge in São Paulo, a club that has since become one of South America’s stand-out venues, while on the production side, he has releases on the likes of Get Physical, Gigolo, Kompakt, Light My Fire and No.19 Music under his belt.

Currently, he’s a partner and resident DJ at Warung Beach Club in Santa Catarina and Berlin’s Holzmarkt, while he also operates the Ratier clothing label, the Bossa music studio and restaurant in São Paulo, and helped develop the Surreal Park superclub in Camboriú, located in the south of Brazil.

In December he released his latest album, Ritual, under his Ratier moniker, which was recorded in Dolby Atmos and showcases his upfront tech house style.

For 909originals’ #MyRecordBag feature, we asked Renato to share his top D-Edge club classics, from the 20 or so years of the club’s history.

Derrick Carter – Where You At?

“I love how the vocal works over the music. This has a lot of swing. Tune.”

Frankie Knuckles – Your Love

“What to say about Frankie ? Absolute classic.”

Derrick May – Strings of Life

“‘This one is still an anthem for several generations.”

Carl Craig – Throw

“Carl is always looking ahead. Still loving it. just close your eyes and let it go.”

Underground Resistance – Transition

“One of my favourites of the UR legacy. By the way, we are experiencing a huge and fast transition these days.”

Juan Atkins – I’m Your Audio Tech

‘This one is so cool. Makes me remember so many good moments. A rare release on Express records.”

Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It

“I love the square bass line. This track continues to influence so many artists around the globe (fortunately). An absolute classic.”

Kevin Saunderson – I Can’t Believe

“Love the ‘mystery’ and the lines. So much vibe. So special.”

Ricardo Villalobos – Dexter

“Ricardo is also unique. Love all the synths and sounds here – very engaging.”

Omar S – Thank U 4 Letting Be Myself

“This is funky. Omar is one of those artists that has their own way to make it. Singular.”

Thanks Renato for the #MyRecordBag playlist. Keep up to date with all his releases and dates here.

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