Native Instruments announces Traktor Pro 3.5. The update includes integration with Beatport and Beatsource LINK. With LINK, Traktor users can expand their live DJ sets and set preparation by seamlessly exploring, tagging, and mixing new tracks with the music they already have in their collections.

Among other features, the new Beatport and Beatsource LINK access allows DJs to search the entire Beatport and Beatsource catalogues for their favourite artists, labels, or curated playlists. These search results can be sorted by release date or genre, allowing DJs to continuously explore new music.

Users will also have access to the full suite of Beatport and Beatsource LINK tools and functions, including the ability to search and playback full-length streams from either catalogue within Traktor Pro 3.

Traktor’s contextual search feature can be used to find tracks by the same artist or to explore releases on the same label. Users can add cue points, loops, or comments to any track continuously, create unlimited Traktor playlists and smart playlists using Beatport or Beatsource tracks, and apply all Traktor FX to new tracks and instantly test them in the mix.

A full cache of currently-playing tracks avoids any issues on unstable internet connections, and an Offline Locker of up to 100 tracks included in the LINK Pro and Pro+ plans will be available as a beta soon.

Pedram Faghfouri, Director of Traktor, said of the partnership: “At Traktor, we’re tremendously happy to be joining efforts with our friends at Beatport to make this integration happen. We believe this paves the way for unprecedented workflows in music discovery and gig preparation, enabling both the unearthing of new releases and artists, as well as nostalgic exploration with just a few clicks. We’re proud of all colleagues at both companies for their effort and dedication to make this possible – thanks! And to our users out there: keep the music going, and enjoy the new features!”

CDJ-3000 Integration

Traktor Pro 3 is compatible with many third-party controllers, now including the CDJ-3000 – further improving the DJ experience by using the capabilities of this new generation of players just in time for outdoor events this summer.

As with previous CDJ integrations, users will be able to access all of their tracks from Traktor Pro via the CDJs’ browsing features. They can also control most of Traktor’s performance functions directly from the CDJs.

New extra-large displays on the CDJ-3000s make Traktor’s waveforms crisper and more immersive. The cover artwork on the central jog display and larger browser fonts make navigating large libraries easier. Harmonic mixing is now more intuitive, too, as dedicated display buttons on the CDJ-3000 link to Key Shift features in Traktor. The new integration makes DJing on external decks feel more like playing within the Traktor software itself.

You can purchase and find out more information about Traktor Pro 3.5 here.

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