Thavius Beck will release a new album on Dutch label U-TRAX.

Cosmic Noise comprises 25 tracks that Thavius Beck, now based in Brooklyn, New York, has sent to U-TRAX since he connected with the label in 2018. The tracks vary in style a lot, but what they have in common is that they are either moody—what U-TRAX calls “deep”—or they are drum-heavy. They are all experimental instrumental hip-hop, reminiscent of producers like Flying Lotus, and feel like a “happy marriage between hip-hop beats and techno sounds.” Even though some of the tracks are 20 years old and have been made with widely different gear, the selection sounds “remarkably balanced, yet diverse.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, Thavius Beck entered the hip-hop scene as member of Global Phlowtations, and he released several solo albums as Adlib. In later years, he released five albums under his own name on labels like Big Dada and Plug Research, the last coming in 2017 on Hit+Run. He’s also produced albums for artists like Saul Williams. His work broadly melds rock, hip-hop, and soul with a focus on deep bass and sample manipulation. In June, he released Lovesick, an EP of more archival tracks, on U-TRAX.

The album artwork comes from New York artist Sfera Louis.


01. Primordial Soup
02. Lovesick/Still Sick
03. Coordinated Will
04. Work!
05. Inner Space*
06. Taking Over Me
07. Chaos Theory
08. Baby Tell Me That…
09. Mr. Mercurial*
10. Dark Matter
11. The Principle Of Rhythm
12. Celestial Mind
13. Birdsong
14. Angel Bop
15. Labyrinth
16. Keep Going*
17. Issa Wrap
18. Reunited With The All

Cosmic Noise LP is scheduled for July 9 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Primordial Soup,” “Work!,” and “Celestial Mind” in full below, and pre-order here.

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