Photo: Dan Medhurst

박혜진 Park Hye Jin will release her debut album, Before I Die, in September on Ninja Tune.

The album, which is entirely written, produced, and performed by the South Korean-born and now Los Angeles-based artist, follows the release of her How can I EP in June. More recently, she’s collaborated with the likes of Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip (“Y DON’T U”), Blood Orange (“CALL ME (Freestyle)”), and Nosaj Thing (“CLOUDS”).

Alongside the announcement, Park has shared opening track “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance,” a wistful dance track that places her mantra-like vocals over piano keys and rumbling bass.

Elsewhere on the record, we’re told that she continues to “expand her sonic palette,” drawing on electronic, hip-hop, and downtempo sensibilities to present the “most complete vision yet of her sound.”


01. Let’s Sing Let’s Dance
02. I Need You
03. Before I Die
04. Good Morning Good Night
05. Me Trust Me
06. Where Did I Go
07. Never Give Up
08. Can I Get Your Number
09. Whatchu Doin Later
10. Sex With ME (DEFG)
11. Where Are You Think
12. Never Die
13. Hey, Hey, Hey
14. Sunday ASAP
15. i jus wanna be happy

Before I Die LP will land on September 10 via Ninja Tune. Meanwhile, you can stream “Let’s Sing Let’s Dance” in full below and pre-order the album here.

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