As electronic music evolved out of the underground rave parties and into the nightclubs, something incredible happened. A global nightlife scene was born that would reign supreme for over a decade, producing some of the most memorable music, labels, artists, and parties the culture had ever seen and may ever see. This era was a golden age, if not THE golden age of electronic dance music, and if you were there, you’d probably agree.

The days of Michael Alig, Junior Vasquez, The Tunnel, The Limelight, Winter Music Conference, Groovejet, Giant, Spundae, Funky Tekno Tribe, Buzz, and Avalon – the list goes on and on. There were club kids that towered over the crowd like sparkling deities, music was played on wax, and the concept of the DJ as a “rockstar” was starting to take shape.

Places like San Franciso, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Paris, Ibiza, and just about everywhere were bound by an electronic beat. Every city had its sound, spirit, and scene while paying respect to a global disco ball in the sky, a disco god or cultural lighthouse that leads the way and sets the pace. Steve Adelman was one of the anointed ones helping to shape and guide the culture of that great disco ball in the sky, starting off in New York and eventually ending up in Boston at the Avalon, which became one of America’s most prominent club venues/brands.

After over three decades in the business Adelman is returning to a scene that desperately needs some TLC and refreshing. He has written a memoir entitled Nocturnal Admissions and is returning to nightlife to revive the Avaland Club Night in Boston, a homecoming of sorts, and if we are lucky, a new chapter in the Adelman saga.

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