It often feels like modern culture never cares where it came from, and this is especially true in club and dance music culture. But the history upon which electronic music and the culture that surrounds it is arguably more fascinating than the humdrum of the modern day industry. 

But to truly see club culture’s vibrant history, you need to talk to somebody who was there for it. Here say simply does’t cut it. 

And nobody had more boots on the ground and irons in the proverbial fire than Steve Adelman, who over the course of his long-stated career had to wear multiple hats at once ot turn the music industry into what we know it is today.  

He was a ringmaster, counselor, dealmaker, musical soothe-sayer, and more along his winding road to industry infamy; all of which he chronicles in his upcoming memoirs memoirs, Nocturnal Admissions: Behind the Scenes at Tunnel, Limelight, Avalon, and Other Legendary Nightclubs.

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