Those great guys over at IkeaHackers recently posted up this great way to save space and keep your vinyl off the floor and being damaged. According to ‘Maximillion’;

“When I moved in my new flat I had a smaller room than before. I needed a place where I could store all my LPs and I needed storage under my bed. When I measured the Expedits I found that they are perfect for LPs and I decided to use them to build my bed.

What you see on the pics is the finished bed (don’t look at those cables, I didn’t yet have the time to let them disappear). My first idea was to have an open corner which then would be covered with milked acrylic so I could put a lamp behind it to have some nice diffuse light in in my room. But since the Expedits take lots of their sturdiness from those end parts, I decided to ditch that idea for now, especially having in mind that a bed is not always only for sleeping…”

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