In what seems like and endless round of cancellations across the UK, Notting Hill Carnival has expressed regret in having to cancel this years festival due to Covid concerns and current UK restrictions. As the statement below reveals;

After lengthy consultations with our strategic partners, our Advisory Council and individual participating bands and sound systems, the board of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, the organising body of Notting Hill Carnival, has decided that this year’s Carnival will not be on the streets due to the ongoing uncertainty and risk COVID-19 poses.
This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make. Everyone involved in the event desperately wants a return to the road where Carnival belongs but safety has to come first and with the latest cautious announcement on the government’s ‘roadmap’, this is the only way to ensure that.
In making this decision, we have considered our responsibilities to deliver a safe, spectacular, successful and sustainable Carnival. The conclusion is that with so much uncertainty, with time short for Carnivalists to prepare and the risk of eventual cancellation a real possibility, we must refocus our efforts for 2021.
As in 2020, we are working towards alternate events that will allow everyone to safely celebrate everything Notting Hill Carnival stands for. More details on all of this, as well as special events leading into the August bank holiday weekend will be announced in due course.
Going forward, we will be working with Carnivalists toward the greatest ever Notting Hill Carnival for 2022.
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