There’s a reason why audiophiles steer away from Bluetooth-compatible headphones and that is, they simply don’t sound as good as wired headphones. Nura has unveiled its latest pair of high-tech earbuds, the NuraTrue Pro, and they may just be set to change the opinion of audiophiles around the world.

The reason why wireless earbuds have always compromised on sound quality is due to limitations in wireless bandwidth, resulting in compression and artefacts that take away detail from the music you love. That’s all about to change with the NuraTrue Pro, the first wireless earbuds to support lossless audio over Bluetooth®. Experience audiophile-grade sound wherever you go with uncompressed, bit-perfect fidelity that typically requires expensive, high-end equipment and a wired connection to reproduce.

Combined with Nura’s award-winning personalised sound, adaptive active noise cancellation, and spatial audio powered by Dirac® Virtuo, the NuraTrue Pro delivers a truly incredible wireless audio experience tailored individually to you.

The NuraTrue Pro has already blown its Kickstarter goal out of the water by over $1 million. Those interested in picking up a new pair of buds can do so by pledging a minimum of $219. The earbuds are then expected to ship around October time. Find out more information and pledge your money HERE.

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