GRAMMY and Ivor Novello nominated producer Jon Hopkins’ take on ‘Halcyon’ welcomes an expansive tumble through rich soundscapes as the UK producer transcends genres with delicate twists and turns along the way, all subtlety guided by the original’s iconic vocal.

Sydney-born, Berlin-based Logic1000 takes ‘Halcyon & On’ down a resonant, club-driven tip as crisp percussion, rumbling low-ends and dubby chords merge with the ethereal vocal once again to showcase exactly why she’s one of the most talked-about breakthrough names within electronic music.

One of Orbital’s most influential records and one of the Hartnoll Brothers’ most personal, ‘Halcyon’ and its various ‘& On & On’ interpretations have gone on to transcend the music world, featuring amongst an abundance of film soundtracks while serving as a marker for deeply emotive electronic records not confined to the dancefloor.

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