best sets of burning man 2022

David Hohme plays to a crowd of thousands at night on the playa

It’s been a few weeks since we all slogged back from Black Rock City

We all shared memories, we made new friends, and we all sat in line for twelve or more hours waiting to get out of the Burning Man grounds after the proverbial dust had settled. But now what?! 

While we can’t physically return to the playa until Burning Man 2023, some of our favorite sets from the festival are starting to surface. DJs across all levels are starting to upload their live recordings to various streaming platforms and it’s the exact thing the community needs. 

So let’s dive into the top five live sets that these DJs were nice enough to record and upload to Soundcloud so that we could relive one of the best weeks of the year. 

David Hôhme – Bubbles & Bass Sunrise Set 

David Hohme is a mainstay across many different Burning Man camps and communities. Having originally found many of his initial fans, and let me say this man has quite the devoted following, every time David Hohme returns to the playa he gives back to the festival far more than he takes.

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